The Zambezi River

We left South Africa and flew into Victoria Falls, located in Zimbabwe…Which has been in the news lately due to a coup which ousted their longtime President. Our guide told us that he and his family are in Malaysia with a reported two billion in various bank accounts. This money was stolen from a country with an 80% unemployment rate !!!!  No one here seems sad that he has gone, and there is an optimism that the new President, who is independently wealthy, will be a servant of the people.

Above are photos of the Zambezi River…Actually this is about the 15th time I have cruised the Zambezi…The first 14 were at Disney as it is one of the seven on the Jungle Boat Ride !!! I have to admit that this time was the most impressive. Walking to the dock was interrupted by hippo grunts, and many groups marked out their territories along the river. Swimming is not advised… The crocodiles would have us for lunch.

The Zambezi flows down from near the Congo, meandering through the rainforests and providing a lifeblood to five or six countries. Here, we are In Zimbabwe, but Zambia begins on the other shore. Victoria Falls is a little more than a mile downstream, and this is our destination for today.

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