The Animals Of South Africa, Part Two


Kariega Game Reserve is on a beautiful series of ridge lines, wooded valleys in between, and nice open, flatter, grazing areas. It is bordered on one side by a river which the animals have no access. They use various water holes and creeks. Overall, there seems to be an preferred environment for every animal somewhere on the property. During our three days, we traveled almost all of the property, looking for herds that are constantly on the move. We were lucky…On our last drive, we finally found the elephants (See the video above). It’s easier to tell you what we missed: leopards, lynx, aardvarks. Our guide told us that the country of South Africa has no idea how many leopards live there…All of these are very avoidant. On the other hand, we had rare glances of Black Rhino and Monitor Lizards…And we also found a Leopard Tortoise!!!

I nearly forgot that we were on private land…The Reserve has the size to allow the animals almost full roaming. There is no great Wildebeest migration, but almost everything else. Unbelievable experience to be this close (five feet from elephants) and able to watch natural movements and survival behaviors…Every animal has a defensive herd process to protect itself from threat.

So we leave, but the next adventure begins…Two days at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

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