The Animals Of South Africa, Part One

Before getting to the Game Reserve, let me include samplings from our drive to the Cape of Good Hope. There were a couple land animals seen…Most interesting was a little guinea pig-like animal that our guide claimed was the closest animal in the Darwinian chain to elephants! Right! Didn’t look anything like an elephant in features either. So on to the real show…As we drove along the coast, we took a short boat ride to their version of Seal Rocks, and later visited their native penguin colony. These waters, with the comingling of gulf streams, are among the richest in animal life. The climax is during the annual sardine migration in April. These little fish bring the bigger fish, bringing the seals, bringing the Great Whites, bringing the Orcas. It is supposed to be quite the show, and has been an inaugural member of daughter Malia’s bucket list.

By the way, the water is extremely cold…60 degrees or so… Malia and I wanted to go out and get in the shark cage with the Great Whites…We were overruled by the rest of the group who said they might die from the cold (of course, not the sharks!!!).


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