Surviving Western Kansas

One of the most boring stretches of road in the USA crosses Eastern Colorado into Western Kansas (or vice versa). Denver lies on the edge of the Rocky Mountains… But in the other direction, one experiences flat farm and grazing land with a few small towns for about 450 miles. I have heard people describe driving this road as “torture.”

My younger daughter, who went to Veterinary School in Kansas, suggested that we drive the backroads rather than the super highways. We took her up on this suggestion, and got off the Interstate. The speeds were still good, and Mrs Bear commented that we seemed to be traveling from one grain storage silo to another. The pic below shows us approaching one of these coops.


The other thing I noticed was the sky. The flat of the land accented the endlessness of the sky. It also helped that it was cloudy, which gave the sky a multitude of shades.


The contrast of the sky, transitions of the silos, and the solitude of the back roads, alleviated the torture, and dare I say, actually made it pleasurable. We drove into Dodge City, Kansas, the most famous of the Old West Cowtowns, to get back to touring tomorrow.

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