Is It Really Written???

Coming out of Zion National Park and the Mount Carmel Canyon Road, we headed back to our hotel in St George. We were hungry and in need of a comfort stop, and Mrs Bear recalled driving by a Dairy Queen somewhere on the road. Soft ice cream is one of our travel staples, sometimes becoming a substitute for a meal. We couldn’t find it soon enough, so we stopped at a local eatery in La Verkin, Utah… A town of a thousand or so, that just happened to be on our route. The food was OK, the drink was wet, and the bathrooms were accessible. On the way out, I noticed the caption below, written on the wall in front of the open kitchen…


I am not a believer in fate, but we are world travelers right now !! And to find this welcome at a cafe that had been the right place at the right time… Well, maybe it is written.

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