Redwood Groves: California or Ireland??

We woke up today to the sound of a moderate, continuous rainfall, which is not a surprise. It can’t be this green without a lot of rain… And I didn’t bring three raincoats with me for no reason. So we walked back to the Powerscourt Estate to tour their presentation on climate change. The funniest thing was seeing the Irish label our President with their biggest threats to worsen global warming

We decided to walk down to their River Walk, which took us behind the gardens. And all of a sudden, I was transported to the Mill Valley of my youth: Redwood tree groves along a beautiful river. No sound other than the water all around us.

To find such beauty and tranquility in Ireland was not a surprise. Just that I thought God left certain vistas for only one unique place in the world. John Muir would be so pleased!!!

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