Robbin Island

First, I apologize for not having photos…I left my IPhone in our van and can’t transfer them from my Canon without a laptop.

Robbin Island is a 30 minute ferry ride from the Capetown pier, which gives you a great excuse to eat on the waterfront after your visit. It is a bit like Disney Springs, but the food is great and less expensive than Europe.

The first part of the tour is a bus ride around the island to see the whole layout… There is history from battle installations installed for WW II, as well as the maximum security prison for political prisoners. Once again, I was surprised by the placards lauding the call and demonstration that Robbin Island represents. The country has embraced their diversity whole hog, which is a really good thing. By the way, the only two American companies that did not pull out during Apartheid were Coca Cola and KFC. They each have reported stranglehold’s on their respective markets now… You can’t find a Pepsi anywhere in Capetown!!!

The second part of the Robbin Island tour was a walk through Msndela’s cell block. But what made it really interesting was that this tour was led by a past convict. There are about 14 of them who do these tours, and obviously they have a unique perspective.

This tour lends a great perspective to the history, past and present, of South Africa, and reminds us why it is even possible to come here for this visit.

Photos to be added in a couple weeks.

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