South Africa’s Racial Equality Progress

From the the moment you get off the plane, there are announcements and posters that laud South Africa’s progress on racial equality. For example, Robbin Island, the most famous of Mandela’s imprisionments, has evolved into a museum celebrating the end of Apartheid. I will have a separate section on Robbin Island as I catch up, but the point is that the official word celebrates South Africa’s progress.

And they have made a great deal of progress…All of my observations suggested that Blacks and Whites work with each other, travel with each other, and seem happy with the progress and prosperity. BUT, the races continue to be segregated in respect to communities, which means that the schools remain segregated as well. Also, there is a total absence of Whites in the government…The ANC is exclusively Black at the leadership level. So it seems that Blacks hold the political power while Whites hold the financial power. My daughter, the civil rights attorney, predicts that sometime in the future, she thinks between 40 and 80 years, there will be another major upheaval. The reality of an upheaval follows history. I’ll have to come back and ask my daughter how it worked out ( or her daughter).

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