Guiness Storehouse

This picture was taken during my first visit to the Guiness Storehouse on October, 11, 2011.

I made this return visit in April 2023 … Much has changed. The visits have become big business with much larger crowds. The tour is no longer guided. Instead, there are large, comprehensive, and printed descriptions that are read along the floors. In 2011, I spoke with the pourer in the Sample Room as he explained the subtleties of putting Guiness in the glass, and he finished by putting a three-leaf-clover in the foam !! Now the glasses are pre-poured to roughly 80 %, the pourer then completes the pour without any conversation, as there are people behind you waiting for theirs. And no clover !!

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that the Storehouse is the Mecca of beer brewing, and the product here tastes far superior to Guiness sampled anywhere else in the world !!

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