Who Really Owns the Outback??

This is a question that is really up for grabs.  The Aboriginals gave title to the majority of the land, but their centuries-old belief is that THEY belong to the land, not the other way around.


The real owners of this desert, at least at this time of year, are the flies. We were told to buy fly nets and wear them anywhere and everywhere until sunset. The Aussie fly is smaller than its American cousin, and it has a gentle soul. It does not seek to bite, scratch, or even annoy… It simply wants some of what every creature out here, including us, seeks and can’t live without: Water. So they fly and land on any part of your body that has moisture. Eyes, ears, noses, and mouths are preferred landing sites.
I asked a local in Alice Springs about how they cope… Do you know local secrets??? He has been here for five years and continually swatted at them for the first month. Then he simply got used to them. Since I am not going to be here past three days, I decided to put my mindfulness skills to work and become One with the Flies!!!  It didn’t work!!

So the real owner of the Outback is the flies. They outnumber everything and constantly remind us that we are guests (and water hosts) in their land. So I’ll board a plane later today and see if mosquitoes own the Aussie rainforests.


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