Winding Up Our Alaska Land Tour

This entry will include a few snippets from our last days touring the 49th State. The trip ended a little unevenly due to the encroachment of smoke in Seward from the wildfires.

Before the younger part of the family headed back to Anchorage, we all visited the Marine Center in Seward. Years ago, this was a bare- bones, free exhibit. Now it is all grown up with aquariums, up close encounters, and educational documentaries. They also rescue sea mammals.  Everyone had a good time, and off they went.


Since their flight was not until 8 PM the next night, my daughter had a stroke of genius… They visited the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, a little north of Anchorage. The above pics are my younger grand bear cub posing with the award-winning 500 plus pound pumpkin, and her sister posing with her winnings. They are so photogenic, and so are the pumpkin and the bear.


Finally, a photo of Mrs Bear standing in front of the directional arrow for Washington, DC. Now we split off and take the ship back to Vancouver. We will pick up our car and begin a ten-week journey back to the East Coast. Our route will be much longer than the 3368 miles from this spot. We will visit nine National Parks, a few cities, and six Presidential estates. Blog entries to follow.



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