Madre de Dios

First, an update…Mrs Bear said that the walk to Lake Sanduvol was mostly walking on a collapsed path with inches of mud in the center. The quest was to somehow use a walking stick to keep oneself on the edge, away from the mud. Looked like she did pretty well as the mud only went six inches up her boots and she managed to bring me back a couple pics. She looked like a wrung-out rat on her return as she was dripping from every pore…so I would have hated to see what I’d look like !!!

So she got to have lunch and a rest before we took on the canopy walk…Now I imagined a nice, gentle, easy walk in a raised wooden walkway.  And instead we got this!!!

D08A63C6-C4BB-4B6A-899E-98B91710F55B.jpegIf I hit a nine iron straight up (130 yards), the ball wouldn’t make the top !!! So we climb up to the top and we are still not higher than most of the trees. Our guide then says, “ No harnesses needed…very safe…you can’t see the ground because of the dense foliage.” And he was right about that. Then he tells us not to rock the cables…as if he really needed to tell me that!!!  I am joking around, but it was a great experience. And on the third platform, we had a visitor:

2409DB0D-CF51-4A96-B157-1FB09630549A.jpegHe kept getting closer and closer to the point where I had to take the pic with my cell phone…too close for my Canon. My daughter was somewhat dubious when I mentioned that he seemed easy with our presence. She used the Black Jepordy answer, “ Hmmm I don’t know, he got teeth don’t he???

We made it back and finished the day with a night hike…an Entomologist’s dream. By the way, since I chickened out on sampling the guinea pig, I couldn’t pass on the termite!!!  Taste like chicken !!! Getting ready to board from Lima…Concluding notes on Peru in a couple days. Hope you all enjoyed. One last pic of the Madre de Dios “ Golden Gate Bridge!!”


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