Inca Cuisine Delicasies

AEECD7EC-49C7-4362-A755-61CB6EAA76CE.jpegThe Incas did not have beef or chicken as parts of their diet. While excellent at growing a variety of crops in high altitude, their meat was primarily Alpaca. However, they also had a dish saved for special occasions: Guinea Pig !!!  This continues in upcountry Peru…Locales treat themselves to Guinea Pig on a Spit after getting engaged or closing a business deal…And they say it doesn’t taste like chicken!!!!  We passed through the town of Lamay that saved their economy by becoming the place people come to partake in this delicacy… Enjoy the photo !!??


5 thoughts on “Inca Cuisine Delicasies

  1. So, what did it taste like,anything to compare it to?..I’ll try anything once lol.

    I wasn’t crazy enough to look them in the eye and eat rodent later. Folks who did it said it was “pretty good,” and had a unique taste

    1. Wasn’t adventurous enough to try it. People that did said it “wasn’t bad,” and had its own distinct taste

  2. I would have tried it. Dodger wants 2.

    Can’t wait to read about the sacred valley. Love you guys!

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