Sedona to the Grand Canyon

Today, my brother and his wife, my sister-in-law, and myself decided to take a drive from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. We took two cars because Bro was heading to his home on the Centrsl California Coast, while we were returning to Cottonwood. On the way north, we took the winding, scenic road around the Sedona canyons. The road became steep, slow, and scenic…I told Donna that they needed a scenic overlook, and a mile later, one showed up!!! So naturally, we had to stop. The vista looked down an estimated 600 feet to a nine mile box canyon. Hope the pics above do it a tad of justice !!! While gazing, a nice woman asked if she could take our photo “for a nice Christmas Card…” I agreed that it was Christmas quality, but that Donna was my lovely sister-in-law.

And then back to the car for the drive north and west to the canyon. Unlike Sedona, this drive was generally flat with smallish trees, dust, and scrub brush. We drove to the Visitor’s Center, picked up our other party, and walked to the rim. There is really no way to explain the Grand Canyon…It simply and suddenly appears in a drama that is more intense and majestic than any photo. We caught it on a clear day that accented the colors. My brother, seeing the Canyon for the first time, described it as having someone see the ocean…No way to prepare for it. We walked the rim trail for an hour and turned around. Bro was off to California and we retreated back to Cottonwood…But everyone knew they’d be back…For me, our family is waiting long enough for our grandkids to be eligible for a rafting experience, while hoping that our senior knees and backs still allow us to get in and out of the rafts.

One more note about the Canyon…It took something like 350 million years for the sea coast to deposit the sand and rock, let the dinosaurs become extinct, recede and let the Colorado River start to do its erosion work…Such a small-looking river to have created this masterpiece. There was a quote somewhere that given enough time and water, stone is the easiest substance to mold…Behold!!!

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