The best thing about driving across the flatlands of Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado is that it ends. Actually there is a slight grade that leads to Denver being called the “Mile-High City.” Its elevation is a little more than 5300 feet above sea level. Then the fun really starts. In the next 100 miles, you pass over the contenenal divide and two passes that measure over 11000 feet !!!  And finally, I reached my next destination: Vail, Colorado…Often rated as the top ski resort in the USA, and perhaps the world. Most of my friends don’t understand the  pleasure derived from skiing. Besides being able to glide downhill at high speeds, I find it to be incredibly peaceful. To be in the high mountains, able to see for hundreds of miles on a clear day, and simply enjoy the peace and solitude of being away from civilization, is a spiritual experience. But you can also just relax and have a little fun: Observe the picks above…


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