A Few Observations from the Road

I’ve been gone three days now and will write a few thoughts down. First, it is better to go on drive-about in the Summer!!!!  Everyday has brought some kind of extreme weather…I drove into Cincinnati in 82 degree warmth, and landed the second day in St Louis to 30 degree blusters. Today I had to keep monitoring the potential for freezing rain. Summer brings its own issues, but really none that would cause constant monitoring this side of hurricane season. Having said all this, I haven’t seen a single snow plow or salt truck. I’m sure they have to be out there, or maybe they’re all in Colorado.

Second, I haven’t seen a single recycling bin since Ohio !!!

Third, I am on constant vigils for potholes!!!!  I don’t remember the roads having so many holes in the past. I thought maybe this was a winter weather cause, but the numbers make me believe all those people who report infrastructure demise.

Finally, there is a swath that runs through Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri that has trouble figuring out if it is North or South…While most would say these are north of the Mason Dixon, the architecture and culture seems more southern to me. Mint Julips in Louisville, riverboats on the Ohio River…South. When you make it to Kansas, it all changes to cowboy hats and boots.  None of this is bad…and actually brings a pleasant feel to the drive

Oh one more… The flags everywhere are at half staff, but the newspapers still have full page ads for automatic rifle sales at local department stores !!!


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