17BB2C7A-A2C7-4576-B84E-8C37DC05A796.jpegAfter a total of 13 hours on two airplanes, we arrived in Capetown…Or am I back in California ??? Walking through the airport, there were signs everywhere that the locals are experiencing their worst drought ever !!  Lots of posters stating how much water to use per day. Then we drive from the airport past a beautiful ocean bay with steep slopes dotted with eucalyptus trees. It very easily could have been south of San Francisco, heading toward  Palo Alto… Our driver tells me they are in the thick part of their fire season.   Yep, California!!

But then, there were counter indicators… Lots of languages being spoken in a city of four million…And, as the photo from our hotel door illustrates, high stone walls jutting up from the sea. No fog. No Fords or Chevys.

So I guess we really are in Capetown

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