Laid Back on Lanai


  • We have been on Lanai for our first whole day and everyone is glad that we came. The people here are very nice…Everyone smiles and says hello. If you park by the side of the road, people stop to ask if you need assistance. And the sights of interest are much harder to find. We started off in our locally rented Land Rover for the Garden of the Gods. We missed the correct turn for that particular dirt road, and ended up following our wrong turn to Shipwreck Beach. Our vehicle is especially Lanai…We never know from instance to instance whether the doors will open or stick…Usually, at least one person gets out and is able to open the doors from the outside!!! Hertz it isn’t…  Back to the beach…The cool part was looking out at Molokai and Maui across the channels.

Tomorrow, we will try again to find the Garden of the Gods…But we improvised today by going to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary…Over 300 “Lanai Lions,” many of whom were feral cats, rounded up to protect native ground bird populations. It was fun to receive so much attention…

Finally, the top pic is my granddaughter, Cassidy, at the Lanai Cultural Center, being given a personal ukulele lesson by their staff,

i love Lanai…It is the pepper to Maui’s salt…

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