This note will sum up my impressions of Maui. I was reminded today of my earlier trips here with Mrs Bear over the past two decades, because there seemed to be something different about this one. Maybe we are just older…Maybe it’s the travel with two younger generations…Maybe it’s the population explosion. But then I remembered.

In the past, Lela and I considered ourselves to be “resort rats.” We had recreated the playgrounds of our youth…Instead of the little league diamond, gym, or community pool, our adult playgrounds included mega resorts with tennis courts, golf courses, oceans, fitness centers, swimming pools, and restaurants. We’d travel across oceans to visit these adult playgrounds, and the “resort rat” label was self-imposed because we rarely ventured anywhere outside the grounds.

Well, we have evolved and ventured out more…And this trip to the Marriott Maui Ocean Club was not a mega-resort…We planned to see most of the island, and even venture to another…And this brings in the hassles with traffic and human congestion.

A couple more perks of Maui: The restaurants and food, in general, were very good. There is an interesting fusion of Far Eastern influences ( E.g.: Teriyaki) and native Hawaiian. The primary meats are local seafood and pork.  I asked a local market lady where their pork came from. She commented that there is a local farm, but she primarily uses CostCo.

Finally, lots of people become resort rats here and love it. They come down early and stake out their pool chairs, facing the ocean or the pool waterfalls. The Mai Tais from the pool bar taste great in the high-80s sunshine. There is no need to follow the latest news from Washington for awhile…Besides, the six hour time difference  creates a feeling of depersonalizion that only adds to the relaxation of Island Time. They soak in the Hawaiian culture and music. The torch lights are lit at dusk and only add to the spectacular sunsets. The kids love the pools or boogie board in the ocean surf. And there is no real need to get into your car rental and fight the traffic until it’s time to go home…So I’ll say Aloha to Maui with one more sunset photo…IMG_0430

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