The Travels of a Wildcat Fan


My younger daughter, Dani, graduated from the Veterinary School at Kansas State University. During an early visit, I acquired a treasured, purple hat with the KSU Wildcat logo. This hat has traveled to many places:

Israel and Jordan, May 2013 018

My hat accompanied me to an overlook of Haifa harbor in Israel.

Israel and Jordan, May 2013 010Here we are with my beautiful wife and traveling companion, Lela, overlooking Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.


My granddaughter, Amelia, tried to steal my beloved hat during visiting day at Camp Robindel in the lakes region of New Hampshire. I relented for the remainder of the summer. She was very easy to find when she wore it…And it looks so GOOOOOD on her. Later, on a trip out to Kansas, I bought her one of her own.


Lela, my hat, and I, made it to Alaska…We saw lots of critters, but no actual “wild cats.”


We went to the Galapagos, but my friend the land iguana wasn’t impressed. He likes white hats better.


We visited Iceland, but my hat only came out for a brief time in the big city. It got too cold in the Highlands despite the glow of the Northern Lights.


We made it to a sailboat in Bermuda Sound, but my hat begged to be taken below. The thought of becoming fish food after blowing off my head was too much stress !!

Israel and Bermuda, 2013 331

I really needed my hat on this day, which involved walking the three thousand steps to see the Monastery at Petra

Israel and Bermuda, 2013 339

Here we are on the walk back down the canyon.

Israel and Bermuda, 2013 292

One more photo of the three of us in Jordan. This is the view that Moses had of the “Promised Land,” from Mount Nebo. The haze is water evaporation from the Dead Sea.


Wildcat fan at Disney’s splash mountain, site of the forever loss of another beloved hat.  “Doc” sleeps with the fishes, but the Wildcat roams on. . .


Sometimes the best travel brings you back home. Here is our entire family, including my hat, attending my daughter’s (to my left) vet school graduation party at a bison ranch outside of Manhattan.


Here we are  enjoying a brew in Bruges, Belgium. I had to be careful ordering because my hat can’t hold its liquor !!!


Here we are watching the changing of the guards in Stockholm, Sweden. My hat gave the guard its best song and dance, but it yielded nary a snicker…Very good personal discipline !!


My hat did a great job of defending itself when a Lego bear at Downtown Disney suggested strongly that I trade up for a better hat model…Like a Baylor Bear !!!! My hat told off this upstart by remarking that it was “obvious you’ve never been to the Little Apple !!!”


Here we are at the Tower of London. My hat thought the Crown would look good on me as a replacement for my sunglasses. I think my beloved hat is getting a superiority complex and thinks it is destined for royalty !!!

ALAS….ALAS… My har somehow wandered away. I hope he has a new wearer who keeps him clean !! So I bought a new K State hat on my drive-about last year. Here we are in Thailand:


So far, so good…

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