The Living Desert

The Living Desert was initially established as a Museum in 1970, primarily to save this desert terrain from development. They began by developing areas with the plants and trees found in various desert environments. Slowly at first, animal exhibits were added, and the focus became the animals of desert.

Other desert areas were also planned and added. Loop trails that can be hiked in the cooler months were also planned.

Then about ten years ago, the Living Desert added animal exhibits from the desert areas of Africa and Australia. These additions led to the park being rated as one of America’s top ten zoos.

If you scroll back up to the giraffe photo at the top, you will see a vast landscape in the background. I was very impressed the size of the enclosures for the animals!!! If you have been to Africa or Australia, there is nothing that compares to seeing these animals in their natural environments… But the Living Desert is the best I’ve seen for a zoo setting.

Due to a health issue, I played a lot less golf than in years past. Instead, I rode my e-bike up a gentle incline six miles to the Living Desert, walked through part of the zoo, drank a Diet Pepsi, and then rode home. I did this about four times a week for my five-week stay. My annual pass paid for itself, and Mrs Bear and I had the treat of meeting our sponsored Burrowing Owl up close and personally ( see the pic above).

One more picture to finish of the incredible enclosure for the mountain sheep:

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